Theory of Architecture is a series of in-depth conversations with architects and academics about architecture and the theories and philosophies behind it.

#24 - Cleo Valentine
Cleo Valentine is a systems designer, neuroarchitectural researcher and doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture. She is also an associate at Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd. where she provides consultancy services on public health and architecture.
#23 - Niall McLaughlin
Niall McLaughlin is a Stirling Prize winning Irish architect based in London and Professor of Architectural Practice at the Bartlett School of Architecture.
#22 - Mark Foster Gage
Mark Foster Gage is an American architect, writer, and theorist based in New York City where he runs his practice, Mark Foster Gage Architects. He is an associate professor at the Yale School of Architecture where his academic focus is on aesthetic philosophy.
#21 - Adam Nathaniel Furman
Adam Nathaniel Furman is a British artist & designer of Argentine & Japanese heritage based in London. Trained in architecture, Adam's atelier works in spatial design and art of all scales from video and prints to large public artworks, architecturally integrated ornament, as well as products, furniture, interiors, publishing and academia.
#20 - Nikos Salingaros
Dr Nikos Salingaros is a mathematician and polymath known for his work on urban theory, architectural theory, complexity theory, biophilic design, and design philosophy.
#19 - Dusty Gedge
Dusty Gedge is a Green Infrastructure Professional, Speaker, Photographer and Nature Conservationist, as well as President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB) and founder of
#18 - Timothy Brittain-Catlin
Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin is Course Leader for the MSt Architecture Apprenticeship at the University of Cambridge. He has also just published a new book, 'The Edwardians and their Houses', the first radical appraisal of the subject for 40 years.
#17 - Towards a Holistic Architecture
Towards a Holistic Architecture: What is a holistic architecture and how might we best investigate how to achieve it?
#16 - The New Sympathy
The New Sympathy: An Exploration of How Emerging Theories in Scientific, Mathematical and Psychological Understanding of the Natural World are Affecting the State of Ornament in Architecture.
#15 - Eleanor Ratcliffe
Dr Eleanor Ratcliffe is a Lecturer in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey, specialising in restorative environments, place attachment, soundscapes, connectedness to nature, aesthetics, consumer behaviour, user experience and designing for wellbeing.
#14 - Dame Laura Lee
Dame Laura Lee is CEO of Maggie's, a charity providing drop-in support centres for cancer patients, each designed by a different architect.
#13 - Rosemary Hill
Dr Rosemary Hill is a writer, historian, independent scholar and author of 'God’s Architect', a biography of the Gothic Revival architect, A.W.N. Pugin and 'Stonehenge', a history of one of Britain’s greatest and least understood monuments. In this episode we cover Pugin, Stonehenge and clothes.
#12 - Building Beautiful
This is an article all about beauty entitled 'What do people like about old architectural styles and how can they be incorporated into contemporary designs?'
#11 - Phineas Harper
Phineas Harper is Director of Open City, the organisation which runs the annual Open House weekend. He also curated the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale and has previously worked for the Architecture Foundation and the Architectural Review.
#10 - Planning Must Be Digitised
In this article I talk about why the planning system needs to undergo radical digitisation and suggest some policies that might help in that process.
#9 - On Architectural Awards
This is an article I wrote back in 2016 entitled 'Public Engagement in Architectural Awards' which is still very relevant.
#8 - Nicholas Ray
Nicholas Ray is co-author of the book 'Philosophy of Architecture' and is an architect in practice in Cambridge where he taught before joining the University of Liverpool. His theoretical pre-occupations over a period of more than 40 years have resulted in publications on Alvar Aalto, Rafael Moneo, Cambridge contemporary architecture and architecture's ethical dilemmas.
Reading List | #3 - 'The Sympathy of Things'
My third architectural book recommendation is 'The Sympathy of Things' by Lars Spuybroek. Here I talk in more detail about this book and what makes it essential reading for all architects and architecture students.
Reading List | #2 - 'A Pattern Language'
My second architectural book recommendation is 'A Pattern Language' by Christopher Alexander. Here I talk about how this book is useful to architects and why you should read it.​​​​​​​
Reading List | #1 - 'A Theory of Architecture'
In the first of a series of short episodes I talk about the first book that should be on your architecture reading list, 'A Theory of Architecture' by Nikos Salingaros, and why it is so important and useful for architects and architecture students.
#7 - Karamia Muller
Dr Karamia Muller is a lecturer in architecture at the University of Auckland and is the first Samoan woman to get a PhD in architecture.
#6 - Patrik Schumacher
Patrik Schumacher is Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects and has written and lectured extensively on architectural theory, most notably in his book 'The Autopoiesis of Architecture'.
#5 - Piers Taylor
Piers Taylor is an architect, former television presenter, and Director of Invisible Studio.
#4 - Richard Beckett
Richard Beckett is a Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he is Co-Director of BiotA Lab on the MArch AD course. He is currently part of a team of five undertaking an 18 month EPSRC research project and is also a cross disciplinary PhD candidate (Bartlett/Engineering).
#3 - Jack Airey
Jack Airey is a Research Fellow at the think tank Policy Exchange and leads the work on housing and the Building Beautiful campaign.
#2 - Paul Finch
Paul Finch is Programme Director of the World Architecture Festival, writes regularly for the Architects' Journal, and was formerly Head of CABE (the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment).
#1 - Timothy Brittain-Catlin
Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin is an architect and a Reader in Architecture at the University of Kent. He is also Director for the Centre for Research in European Architecture (CREAte) and author of 'Bleak Houses: Disappointment and Failure in Architecture'.
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