"Very professional service, Bruce gave us plenty of ideas and drew up several options for our house extension. Drawings were high quality, would definitely recommend." - ★★★★★
Charlotte & James - Clients
"A consummate and professional architect with an emerging distinctive style"
Conor - Architect
"Bruce is a very forward thinking architect. He has great experience and he is professional in his work."
Kin - Architect
"Very happy with the service we received" - ★★★★★
Jennifer - Client
Architecture from Nature 

Holistic Biophilic Architecture
Holism is about considering the whole of something including its entire web of complex interactions.
Biophilia is about using nature to benefit buildings and the people in them, and also using buildings to benefit nature.
We believe you can take these principles along with the best traits of traditional architecture, and reimagine them in futuristic and innovative ways.
We believe you can combine the likes of arts & crafts, neo-gothic, art deco, art nouveau and futurism, and add in biointegration, bioreceptivity and biomimicry to create a truly new form & style of architecture. 
We try to do as much self-generated work as possible as it gives us the freedom to take risks.
We also take some commissions for the right clients, with as little or as much design flare as the client desires.
Get in touch: info@buckland.co

Contemporary/Modern Architecture
We also do very normal contemporary buildings or very radical buildings, depending on your preferences.
Get in touch: info@buckland.co

Vernacular Architecture
We understand not every building needs to stand out, some need to blend in, so where this is desired or mandated, we are very happy to help you achieve it.
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Listed Buildings
We have extensive experience of dealing with old and listed buildings, and our innovative approach that uses the latest technological advancements in surveying and design methodology will ensure that despite the complexity of such projects, your costs are kept as low as possible.
Get in touch: info@buckland.co
Logo & Philosophy
Our logo often gets remarked upon. It is derived from the Julia set, which is a visual representation of a mathematical​ function known as a fractal, with a peacock feather in the background representing the beauty of nature.
Fractals are a core part of our philosophy​​​​​​, as we believe they are the basis of how everything (including good architecture) is structured. For more on this, listen to this podcast episode.
Holism (not the woolly hippy type) is just about taking an all-encompassing perspective that we apply when designing buildings.
There are always practical constraints of course, but with a broader view of what buildings are, how they function, how people interact with them, and the roles they can play in the world, we can produce better, more sustainable architecture that will be much loved and last long into the future.
BIM (Building Information Modelling)
We have extensive experience of using BIM on both small residential and historic projects, as well as on large public buildings. We use BIM on all our projects to improve efficiency, perform better project coordination, and reduce costs.
We also use computational design tools to provide accurate manufacturing information and create beautiful, intricate, highly ornamented buildings quickly and efficiently.

We are currently looking to add the following people to our expanding team:
Part II Architectural Assistant
Part II Architectural Assistant / BIM Manager
Part I Architectural Assistant
Please send your CV, portfolio, and anything else you think would support your application to info@buckland.co